The Geo-Parks And Geo-Monuments


Kachchh is field museum of natural history in India. It is the only area to display an uninterrupted record of nearly 200 million year history of the evolution of earth. The Mesozoic and Cenozoic rocks of the region opens window to high biodiversity of past life, including vertebrate, non-vertebratea and plants. Kachchh is also well known for its sections that serves as stratotypes for regional and global correlationin geological studies. These stratotypes provide glimpse of the bio-diversity and climates of the specific time intervals in the geological past.

Objective And Scope:

Protecting the natural heritage sites in kutch for study and research purpose. Developing the sites to attract tourists and professionals from different backgrounds on the lines of “Geo-Parks” being developed in the countries as well as china. Involving various agencies to serve the cause of preserving the natural heritage and creating an interface for the exchange of information, technology, art and social awareness on the aspects related to the conservation of natural records, etc. The scope of the proposed project is to create the mechanism to achieve the listed objectives:

National Importance:

The main responsibility of protecting and preserving the sites of natural importance lies with the Geological Survey of India. GSI has so far identified and protected about 26 sites all over India. However, Kachchh internationally known as natural museum by earth scientists is yet to receive the attention it deserves at the hands of GSI. Kachchh is also a promising mineral wealth hub for the entrepreneurs and presently giving the lion’s share of the mineral royalty to the state. The mining industry is exhausting the natural resources at a galloping pace and it is very likely that indifference on the part of the decision making bodies and researchers the valuable natural heritage sites in Kachchh may soon become non existent entities as has happened in many places world over. International status:

  • UNESCO has taken initiatives in the development of “Geo-Parks” in developed and other parts of the world by involving governmental and non-governmental agencies. As a result now there are 30 “Geo-Parks” in European nations. Similarly, china also planning to develop about 310 “Geo-Parks” in coming 10 years.
  • These “Geo-Parks” serve multipurpose roles like educational, research and centres to attract tourists.

Implications Of Preserving The Sites:

Kachchh being predominantly a mineral based industry region of Gujarat contributes significantly to the revenue of the state. Many of the sites that need to be protected and preserved may fall in the active mining areas of kachchh. The mineral location going to remain locked in these sites needs to assessed in order to arrive at rationalization on the areas to be protected. Many sites may not fall in the mining areas but may be part of forest lands and the negative and positive costs of these sites needs to be ascertained to visualize the impact of developing these sites in forest areas. Local population may be affected by this development, it should be insurable that local population should be enriched. These sites would serve as invaluable heritage for the future generations and better understanding of the past and present.

Lists Of Sites In Kachchh To Be Protected:

  • Babia Hills
  • Maniyaragarh
  • Lakhpat-Dedhi Areas
  • Kapurasi Nadi
  • Guvar Nadi
  • Bermoti Nadi
  • Berwali Nadi
  • Barkhan Nadi
  • Ramania Nadi
  • Rakhali Nadi
  • Khari Nadi